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Best Time to Visit Verona

Best Time to Visit Verona

Located in the Veneto region in northern Italy just a 45-minute drive from Lake Garda and 90 minutes from Venice, Verona is dolce vita at its best with everything from dreamy piazzas to impressive architecture and relics from Roman times, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance era. Of course, it’s best known as the city of Romeo and Juliet, which attracts countless visitors from across the globe all year round, so many that Verona is Italy’s third-most visited city. When it comes to the best time to visit, you’ll want to consider the climate and the crowds. Verona experiences four distinct seasons, with summer the hottest and the busiest time of year. To avoid the worst of heat, long lines, and the masses while enjoying mild weather, mid-April through May or mid-September through October can be ideal. This breakdown takes a more in-depth look to help you make the very best choice.

Palazzo della Ragione, Verona

Best Time to Visit Verona for Sightseeing

Sightseeing is one of the top things to do in Verona. As the city was a Roman colony, it boasts a number of impressive Roman remains, from the 1st-century AD amphitheater and the many 11th-and 12th-century Romanesque churches to Renaissance buildings constructed under the powerful della Scala family, or Scaligeri. In the 15th and 16th centuries, leading architects Fra Giocondo and Michele Sanmicheli were responsible for many. The best time to visit Verona for sightseeing is when the weather is typically mild but the crowds aren’t too thick, such as April or October. If you don’t mind chilly temperatures and potentially wet weather, November and the second half of January can be a good time for sightseeing without the crowds and you’re likely to find discounted prices on hotels and airfare. The worst time to visit for sightseeing is in August – it will be uncomfortably hot and you’ll be bumping elbows with countless other sweaty tourists.

Street in Verona

Best Time to Visit Verona for Fewer Crowds

Disregarding the weather altogether, if your primary goal for visiting Verona is to encounter as few other tourists as possible, arrive after the first week of November when the Fieracavalli festival is held. Anytime from then through early December will be slow in terms of tourism. It will start to get busy again closer to the Christmas holidays and then slow back down again after the first week of January. The second half of January is another sweet spot. It will be chilly, but if you bundle up you can enjoy the attractions without the crowds of summer, or even the shoulder seasons just before and after. Either of these periods can often mean significant savings too. While late spring and early fall were once great times to travel for thin crowds in many places, many travelers are starting to realize that, which means these periods aren’t as quiet as they used to be

Market in Verona

Best Time to Visit Verona for Shopping

Verona is an affluent city home to many skilled artisans selling their wares in little boutiques and independent shops and you’ll also find discount designer outlets and big-name designer stores like Burberry, Gucci, Valentino, and Givenchy along with individual manufacturers and emerging labels. The best time to visit Verona to take advantage of the myriad of shopping opportunities is during the summer or winter sales which are hosted throughout the country. The winter sale typically starts on January 5th and runs through February or until inventory is gone. In the summer, they’re held during the months of July and August. You’ll have the widest range of options at the start of the sales which usually offer discounts of a third to half off, but as inventory begins to dwindle, you’ll find the biggest discounts of 70 percent or more. You’ll have fewer competitors if you come in January simply because the colder weather keeps many away.

Christmas in Verona

Best Time to Visit Verona for a Budget-Friendly Trip

As with most things, airfare, hotels, and other types of accommodation are priced primarily on demand. When fewer people are traveling, they often lower prices in hopes of attracting more passengers or guests. That means that the best time to visit Verona for a budget-friendly trip tends to be in November, January, and February. Early December can be a good time too, but the closer you get to the Christmas holidays, the more expensive it will be. These months are also ideal for those who don’t want to deal with big crowds. Of course, you won’t enjoy the best weather, but being caught in a blizzard is highly unlikely. As long as you have the appropriate attire, a warm, waterproof coat, waterproof boots with traction to prevent slipping on the ice, and other common winter accessories, you’ll be able to enjoy the attractions and a more affordable vacation. 


Best Time to Visit Verona for Festivals and Other Events

While summer is hot and crowded in Verona, the season is the very best for experiencing Verona’s many festivals and events. All the major ones take place during this season with the biggest by far the Verona Opera Festival, held from mid-June through early September at the ancient Roman amphitheater, an unforgettable experience in the world’s largest open-air opera house. Festival Bellezza takes place between mid-June and mid-October. Verona’s artsiest festival, it features live music in a variety of genres along with non-musicals events. That includes stage shows, speakers, and poets with performances in outdoor venues, lounges, and theaters throughout Verona, including the Roman amphitheater. If you want to enjoy some great jazz and cooler weather, Lake Garda is just a short jaunt away and during the first half of August, the towns around its shoreline will feature numerous jazz concerts at outdoor venues, bars, pubs, and more.