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Where to Stay in Turin

Where to Stay in Turin

Located in northern Italy, Turin is the capital of Piedmont, and an ideal destination for those who are looking for a mix of both old and new. It offers everything from a rich history with Roman remains to explore to world-class museums, theaters, galleries, and a wealth of cultural events while outdoor adventures are within easy reach. When planning your visit to Turin, one of the first things to consider is where to stay. The best neighborhood depends on your particular plans and the type of experience you hope to enjoy. Is sightseeing your primary goal? Are you seeking a romantic getaway, a food-focused trip, wanting to delve into hopping nightlife? There are many questions to ask yourself before booking any accommodation with a property’s location one of the top considerations. This guide provides a more in-depth look into the best neighborhoods for visitors, with something for just about every type of traveler.


Best Neighborhood for First-Time Visitors & Sightseers in Turin: Historic Center

The best area of Turin for visitors to stay is the historic center, especially if you plan to spend most of your time sightseeing, and/or if you’re visiting the city for the first time. The centro historico is home to Roman-era structures, most of the UNESCO-listed palaces of the Royal House of Savoy, the most impressive cultural attractions, and baroque squares. You’ll be close to it all, including shopping venues and a wide range of dining options. The main drag is Via Roman, an elegant porticoed street that connects with Stazione Porta Nuova, the train station, making it easy to explore other areas too. Because of its central location, this ancient district also offers the biggest selection of accommodation options including some of the highest rated hotels in Turin. Everything from short-term apartment rentals to B&Bs, business hotels, and luxury properties can be found here, with prices reflecting the prime location.

River Po, Turin

Best Neighborhood for a Romantic Stay in Turin: Borgo Po

If you’re traveling together as a couple and seeking a more romantic stay, Borgo Po is a great spot. Across the River Po from the city center, nestled between verdant hills and the river, this tranquil, leafy district is an upscale residential area and one of the most sought-after in the city. It offers a quiet setting and a handful of accommodation options at varying price points for enjoying the beauty of the area. Built on steep hills, it’s also good for those who want to enjoy jogging, hiking or scenic walks. From the Monte dei Cappuccini viewpoint, you’ll be able to admire the city from above together, but one of the best things to do is simply wander, enjoying everything from forest views to magnificent traditional homes. There are several attractions here too, including the city’s main symbol, Mole Antonelliana, the Villa of the Queen, and the Church of the Great Mother of God.


Best Neighborhood for Foodies in Turin: Aurora-Vanchiglia

Aurora and Vanchiglia are located very close to the historic center, directly north of the old walled city. There are multiple reasons to stay here. Not only are these neighborhoods well connected to the center, but they offer a more authentic vibe and a good choice of accommodation for nearly every budget, while being very rich in dining venues, particularly pizzerias and ethnic restaurants. You’ll find organic fast-food joints, upmarket eateries, typical Piemontese restaurants, and slow food cafes too along with indie bars too. Given the short distance from the heart of the city and excellent public transport, it’s becoming populated with an increasing number of art workshops and galleries, often housed in former factories, while murals line street walls. Plus, nightlife is anything but boring, with an especially impressive number of options on weekends in particular. Finally, the proximity to two rivers means there are plenty of green spaces for enjoying a run or walk.

San Salvario, Turin

Best Neighborhood for Nightlife in Turin: San Salvario

While nightlife can be enjoyed in many areas of the city, if it’s a priority, consider a stay in San Salvario which offers everything from budget and mid-range to luxurious accommodation. Turin’s bohemian face, it’s a top spot among students and international visitors for partying with many affordable restaurants and clubs for enjoying cocktails and live music. This district is all about its multicultural vibe, with trendy boutiques alongside the budget-friendly bars and clubs. It’s the place to go to snack on tapas and sip a refreshing beverage in a cool, shabby-chic bar. There are dozens of bistros, pubs, nightclubs and ethic restaurants, while Parco del Valentino dominates the neighborhood as the oldest park in Turin. It’s one of the top attractions in the city, providing a peaceful oasis as well as being home to beautiful gardens and a replica medieval village that serves as an open-air museum.


Best Neighborhood for a Quieter Stay in Turin: Crocetta

Crocetta is an upmarket residential area with tree-lined streets and elegant villas that makes a great alternative to the historic center for those seeking a quieter setting while still being within easy reach. It’s well-connected by public transport too, located midway between the Porta Nuova and Porta Susa train stations, while accommodation includes everything from mid-range boutique properties to luxurious hotels. It’s a neighborhood for any traveler seeking a more authentic, upscale experience with lots of pedestrian areas, beautiful homes, and high-end hotels. Attractions include a vast collection of art nouveau architecture in the Liberty Pedestrian area, the Spina Cathedrale, Ospedale Mauriziano, and the Vittorio Emanuele II Monument. It’s also central to Turin’s contemporary art scene, home to a number of important institutions like the GAM museum (Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art) and Fondazione Sandretto re Rebaudengo which runs an outstanding exhibition program showcasing incredibly talented artists.


Best Neighborhood for a Budget-Friendly Stay in Turin: Aurora-Vanchiglia

The neighborhoods of Aurora and Vanchiglia are just north of the historic center and are not only ideal for foodies, but those seeking a more affordable stay in Turin. Aurora, the epicenter of Piedmont’s first wave of industrialization, is located on the banks of the River Dora. It’s best known as the home of the city’s most popular flea market, the Balon, and Europe’s largest open market, Porta Palazzo, where thousands gather every day to sell and buy everything from food to home décor at bargain prices. Vanchiglia occupies the strip of land near the confluence of the Dora and Po rivers. The central location and proximity to the University of Turin headquarters has transformed it into an artistic, residential, and commercial hub. Not only is there plenty right here to enjoy, including many venues for art enthusiasts and good nightlife options, but it’s just a short distance from all the major attractions.