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Best Time to Visit Turin

Best Time to Visit Turin

Fringed by the Alps with echoes of Vienna in art nouveau cafes and a hint of French sophistication among its elegant boulevards, Turin is a baroque gem in the northwest of Italy that was birthed in Roman times. A traditional, bohemian, royal, intellectual, and industrial history is weaved with delectable cuisine, and a vibrant music and modern art scene that makes it an especially enjoyable place to discover. The question isn’t whether to go to Turin, it’s when. Many feel that mid-September through October is the sweet spot with beautiful fall foliage and mild temperatures. Spring may be the next best with pleasant days, occasional rain showers, and a busy events calendar, while summer is hot and humid, a great time to catch outdoor concerts and enjoy the parks. If you come in the winter, it will be cold, but ideal for enjoying alpine resorts nearby with few crowds other than around the Christmas holidays.

Statue in Turin

Best Time to Visit Turin for the Museums and Art Galleries

Turin is home to over four dozen museums and galleries. If you plan to spend a good percentage of your time exploring them, consider visiting in the winter as the weather won’t affect your experience. As this is the low season, there will be shorter lines and few crowds to contend with, plus you’re likely to score accommodation at a discounted rate, at least outside of the Christmas holiday period during the second half of December and early January. Time your visit well, and it can be a very budget-friendly trip with the museums free to visit on the first Sunday of every month. Another pro for visiting Turin in the winter is that if you like to ski, snowboard, or enjoy other winter sports, you’ll be an easy day trip from the alpine resorts too. Keep in mind that the days will be shorter and some attractions may close or have limited hours.

Restaurant in Turin

Best Time to Visit Turin for Foodies

If you consider yourself a foodie, autumn is the best time to visit Turin as you’ll be able to feast on fall delights, including fresh truffles and wild mushrooms. The season is dedicated to the joys of delectable bites with many highly anticipated food and wine festivals focused on the undisputed kings of autumn in areas like Piedmont where they’re plentiful. Chestnuts have been called the “queens of Italy” in terms of food during this period often boiled with fennel, peeled, and eaten as a snack or served in a mildly sweet soup with warm milk, something particularly popular in the Piedmont region. Plus, you’ll be surrounded by the glorious colors of the season, with full palettes of oranges, reds, yellows, purples, and dark greens blanketing the landscapes up to the highest point of the horizon. The skies are often blue and crystal clear while temperatures are idyllic and the year’s biggest crowds have thinned.

Turin Alps

Best Time to Visit Turin for Outdoor Activities

Turin is surrounded by the Alps, with the mountains a star attraction for visitors year-round. There are many enchanting mountain destinations for all sorts of outdoor activities within easy reach, but the best time to visit depends on the type you hope to enjoy and how you plan to experience them. If you’re considering a multiday trek with overnights in a rifugio )mountain lodge), or plan to reach peaks that are higher than around 9,000 feet, July, August, or early September are the best months to visit Turin. For those who want to watch for wildlife like the chamois, alpine ibex, and the alpine marmot, you’ll want to come in April or May. Late September through around mid-October will be postcard perfect with the brilliant fall foliage, and some day hikes are even possible in the winter. For snowshoeing, skiing, and other winter sports, visiting in the winter, December through March, is a must.

Flowers in Turin

Best Time to Visit Turin for Festivals & Outdoor Events

While summer is hot and humid, other than August when many Italians enjoy their vacations, it’s ideal for outdoor events with many outdoor concerts and festivals that take place during the season. You’ll need to prepare to pay the highest prices of the year for airfare and accommodations and bring plenty of sunscreen, but many feel it’s worth the reward. June can be ideal as it won’t be too hot just yet and there are many cultural events hosted like the Festival delle Colline Torinesi and the Festa di San Giovanni. Some of the most popular music festivals are held in July, including the Kappa Futur Festival, Sonic Park Stupigini, and the Flowers Festival. September is another great option with temperatures starting to cool, while the MITO Settembre Musica, Torino Danza Festival, and the Salone del Gusto can all be enjoyed. Foodies might want to wait until early fall – October brings the Turin Chocolate Festival.


Best Time to Visit Turin for a More Budget-Friendly Trip

The most expensive time of year to visit Turin is in the summer when hotel rates and airfare will be at their highest. Mid-January through February is the best time to come for bargains with flights and accommodation cheaper thanks to the decrease in demand. While it will be cold with daytime highs in the mid to upper 40s Fahrenheit, you can always bundle up and enjoy the sights which can be even more pleasant now without the crowds. With nighttime lows in the upper 20s, snow is possible and usually falls at least once a year, though it’s seldom abundant. If it gets too chilly, simply enjoy the city’s many indoor attractions, including the museums and galleries. If you’re here in early February, you may be able to take advantage of the free museum admission on the first Sunday of the month too. November is an alternative, another month when airfare and accommodation rates drop significantly.