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Best Time to Visit Sorrento

Best Time to Visit Sorrento

Overlooking the Bay of Naples, Sorrento has many nicknames from the Land of Lemon Groves to the City of Sirens. Whatever you call it, its beauty is awe-inspiring. The birthplace of Limoncello liqueur, it’s famous for its dramatic sea cliffs and breathtaking views with slopes that look out over aquamarine waters. While there’s a reason to visit in nearly every month of the year, the tourist season runs between Easter and October. Visitors arrive in every season, however, so the shops, cafes, restaurants, and many attractions stay open even in the winter. Spring and fall are popular times to visit Sorrento for mild weather, with spring arguably the better of the two as it’s drier while autumn can bring heavy rainfall that causes mudslides and road blockages. Summer is the peak of the busy season and the heat, with little chance for rain to cool things off although the sea will be perfect for a refreshing dip.


Best Time to Visit Sorrento for Sightseeing

The best time to visit Sorrento for sightseeing is when the weather is pleasant and the crowds won’t be too thick. That tends to be late spring, around mid-April through May, and early fall, from about mid-September through early October. As October progresses, the odds of heavy rain increase, bringing the potential for mudslides and the occasional road blockage that makes it difficult to get around. The middle of spring is particularly ideal for sightseeing with rain relatively rare and temperatures comfortable for walking around town as well as enjoying breaks to relax on the beach. Summer is the hottest time of the year and when it’s humid it will feel even hotter. There are almost no rainy days, with time spent now primarily enjoyed around a pool or at the beach. If you do come now, the upside is that most shops, bars, and restaurants will stay open late to avoid the heat.ring the first half of the month swimming is still enjoyable.

Sorrento Beach

Best Time to Visit Sorrento for Swimming

If your primary goal is to enjoy Sorrento’s beach clubs and the aquamarine waters off the coast, the sea is swimmable between May and around early to mid-October. If you prefer to avoid the biggest crowds, plan your trip near the beginning or end of this period. What makes the beaches in this area so special is that the beach clubs and lidos are built on decks above the water. They offer umbrellas and sunbeds, charging a fee for use per day of around $15 to $20. Marina Piccolo Beach, also called the beach of San Francesco, is right beneath Villa Comunale next to the port. It’s the most popular beach in Sorrento and includes both a public beach and a couple of beach clubs. The loungers sit on a pier that juts into the sea so you’ll be right on the water and perfectly situated for a magnificent sunset view.

Sailing in Sorrento

Best Time to Visit Sorrento for Sailing

Sorrento is one of the world’s top sailing destinations. While the Amalfi Coast drive is jaw-dropping, bringing striking beauty around every bend, exploring it by boat brings an even more impressive perspective. After all, who could possibly resist the sight of the glimmering sun as it begins to rise over the dramatic cliffs or strikes a surreal glow over the cliffside villages as it lowers into the evening sky. Both can be seen while sailing the aquamarine waters. The best time to visit Sorrento for sailing is between May and mid-October. This is when temperatures will be warm on land and sea, with storms unlikely to hit. In the summer, it ranges between 79 and 86 degrees on average. The high season months are July and August for charters, which charge the highest prices of the year. Reduced rates can be enjoyed in May, June, September and October, yet the weather will be warm.

Gardens in Sorrento

Best Time to Visit the Gardens in Sorrento

The gardens in Sorrento and throughout the Amalfi Coast are among the most beautiful in the world. Combined with those breathtaking coastal views, the splendor is truly glorious. The best time to visit the gardens in Sorrento is in the spring when the countless flowers will be bursting with blooms. Plus, the crowds won’t be as thick, and temperatures will be mild. Mid-April through May is the period when the weather is most pleasant throughout southern Italy while Sorrento is at the peak of its beauty. Enjoy the aroma of lemon trees and orange blossoms in the air with long, sunny days for taking advantage of everything outdoors. Don’t miss the gardens at Villa Comunale which sits on the site of the Franciscan monks’ vegetable gardens. Enjoy the flowers and the centenarian olive trees that offer shade on a warm day. Visit Agruminato too, a unique citrus garden in the heart of town.


Best Time to Visit Sorrento for the Local Vibe

While Sorrento is a year-round destination, the winter is a “light” off-season and sees the fewest tourist crowds, other than around the Christmas holidays. That means you’re more likely to enjoy the true local vibe in addition to being able to take advantage of discounted hotel rates. The sweet spot is the latter half of January, with those who’ve come for Christmas and New Year’s gone while those who arrive for more pleasant weather in the shoulder seasons are yet to come. If you are here during the holidays, you can experience them like a local by attending one or more of the season concerts and events held for the annual Mi illumino d’inverno festival. Be aware that after Christmas, many businesses close and the town takes advantage of this quieter time to repair roads and other public works. It can be cold and wet, but you’re likely to enjoy some sunny days too, especially later in February.