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Best Time to Visit Positano

Best Time to Visit Positano

The Amalfi Coast is at the top of many traveler’s wish lists and Positano is its most popular town. Nestled along the cliffsides with colorful homes, restaurants, and hotels spilling down in a jumble, ending at a gorgeous beach framed by a bay with aquamarine water. While it’s beautiful year-round, every season is different and the best time to visit Positano depends on your own preferences as well as what you hope to do. Its extraordinary beauty also comes with some drawbacks. The summer is incredibly busy, meaning big crowds and expensive accommodation, but it’s also the perfect time to spend your days at the beach with long days, warm temperatures, and abundant sunshine. A visit just outside of the peak tourist season, mid-June through early September, can be the sweet spot with the water warm enough to swim in and you won’t have to elbow your way through thick crowds.


Best Time to Visit Positano for Sightseeing

For those who primarily want to visit Positano to enjoy its striking beauty and see the sights, consider coming just before or after the main tourist season, in April, May or between mid-September and mid-October. If you have the option, May is often idyllic and there’s likely to be plenty of sunshine. In the fall, there’s an increased chance of rain and the later you come during the season, the higher the likelihood of heavy rain that can cause mudslides and road blockages that can make getting around difficult. If you don’t mind a little rain and want to avoid the crowds, April is when the tourist season is just starting to heat up, yet everything will be open and the weather is generally decent, with high temperatures averaging around 65 degrees. You’ll want to avoid Easter/Holy Week as it can get quite busy during this time.

Beach in Positano

Best Time to Visit Positano for Beach Days

Positano has several good beaches, including Spiaggia Grande which boasts strikingly clear turquoise water, especially enticing for a swim during the summer when temperatures are scorching. Some find it comfortable enough throughout the month of May, with the sea temperature in the low 70s, but it’s more enjoyable later in the month and into June when it rises closer to the mid-70s. In July and August, it’s almost 80 degrees, but this is the time you might have a difficult time finding a spot on the beach to toss down a towel or a sunbed to rent. It’s quite lovely in September, averaging 77 degrees, and the crowds will have thinned too. After having warmed up all summer, it stays comfortable through much of October, dipping back down to 71. If you’re looking for the sweet spot, when it’s not jam-packed but the sea is pleasantly warm, aim for early June or the middle of September.

Sailing in Positano

Best Time to Visit Positano for Sailing

Sailing the Amalfi Coast is one of the most popular things to do in Positano, with many picturesque towns, hidden coves, and caves to discover along the way. It provides the perfect vantage point for viewing the soaring cliffs with villages spilling down the sides toward the sea. The sailing season runs from May through September, a time when there is little rain, plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to the upper 80s and occasionally into the mid-90s, with July and August the hottest months. It will be humid, but there is usually a breeze to provide relief from the heat. The wind is typically quite calm during the summer, blowing from the northeast or the east with an average of 15 knots and only occasional winds of 20 knots. You’ll pay the highest prices and encounter the biggest crowds in the summer, with May and September easing that some.

Hiking in Positano

Best Time to Visit Positano for Hiking

If your main goal is hiking, the best time to visit Positano is in the spring. The summer months will be brutally hot, although treks can be more enjoyable during the early morning hours. March and April enjoy average temperatures from the low 60s to the low 70s, with many sunny days along with some cooler, wet ones. Of course, the higher in elevation you hike, the lower the temperature will be, but you’ll appreciate the tranquil atmosphere with few others out on the trails. Even the famous Path of the Gods is unlikely to be too busy now and you’ll see plenty of colorful flowers that burst into bloom this time of year. Another ideal time, especially for those higher trails, is late September through mid-October, with mild temperatures and reduced foot traffic, although there is a slightly higher chance of rain. In spring or fall, be prepared for the weather with a waterproof jacket and boots.

Winter in Positano

Best Time to Visit Positano for a Budget-Friendly Trip

While the cheapest time to visit Positano is the winter, it’s not the best time to visit. Unlike other Amalfi Coast towns like Sorrento and Amalfi, between November and March, it’s practically a ghost town with many shops, hotels, cafes, and restaurants shutting down for the season. Your best bet for discounted accommodate rates is the latter half of October before places start to close. Most of the tourists will be gone but the shops, restaurants, and hotels will still be open and usually offer some good deals. There might even be a few days that are warm enough to spend at the beach, with average temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. It can be a great time to hike and sightsee without the crowds too. The rainy season begins around this time so wet weather is a possibility. Be sure to pack that waterproof rain jacket and a pair of waterproof boots.