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Agrigento Vacation Packages & Tours

Located near the southern coast of Sicily, the hilltop city of Agrigento is known for the ruins of the ancient city of Akragas in the Valley of the Temples. It was established by the Greeks and lies just a few miles from the sea, with its magnificent 5th-century BC architecture revealing its great prosperity. At its peak, it’s believed to have been home to a population of 300,000 and was enclosed by around eight miles of fortification walls, including nine gates. The vast archaeological site lies on the outskirts of the city while the stunning stepped white cliff known as Scala dei Turchi overlooks sandy beaches nearby. Agrigento’s historical center sits on top of a hill and hosts a maze of narrow streets that are enjoyable to wander, with multiple significant monuments to discover. Its multicultural history can be seen in the Arab courtyards, Norman churches, and palaces, and baroque Spanish-influenced architecture.

Villa Athena

Best Hotels in Agrigento

Agrigento is a relatively small city, so you won’t find a wide range of neighborhoods to choose from when considering your accommodation options. Instead, it’s best to consider what you plan to do and choose a property right in town, one that will put you close to the Valley of the Temples, or by the beach. With many coming to the province of Agrigento to attend the Sciacca Carnival, one of Sicily’s largest and most important, it can make more sense to stay in Sciacca for some. Along the coast, there are a wide range of options, including resorts with pools and sea views. You’ll find quaint B&Bs, charming guest houses, apartment rentals, and many different hotels, from mid-range to luxurious, as well as a hostel. There’s something for nearly every price range, with the more off-the-beaten-path accommodations generally cheaper. If you go in the off-season, you can expect discounted rates throughout the region.

Things to do in Agrigento

While Agrigento may not have as many attractions as Palermo, the Valley of the Temples makes it worth a visit on its own. Check out out 10 best things to do in Agrigento too!

Ruins of Temple of Castor

When to visit Agrigento

The best time to visit Agrigento depends on the type of travel experience you’re looking for and what you plan to do. The summer is the busiest and hottest time to come, with many arriving this season to enjoy the beautiful beaches and the clear turquoise water for swimming. If your main goal is to visit attractions like the Valley of the Temples while avoiding the thickest crowds of the year and the scorching heat with more pleasant weather, come in the spring or early fall, from around late March through early June or late September through October. If you want to combine time at the beach that includes swimming with sightseeing, early fall is your best bet as the sea will still be warm. The most budget-friendly trip can be enjoyed from November through early March, outside of the Christmas holidays, but you’ll need to prepare for some wet, cool weather.

Check out our guide on when to visit Agrigento.


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